Change Popup Blocker Settings (Mozilla)
Most modern web browsers and many third party toolbars integrate popup blocker features into your web browser. These features are designed to prevent web sites from opening new windows on your desktop that present annoying advertisements or potentially harmful content. Unfortunately, these popup blockers also interfere with certain features of the website. The following steps will show you how to disable popup blockers.
Step 1: Access Tools
If you are using Mozilla Firefox (1.0 final release and earlier), follow the following steps for popup blocker settings.


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Step 2: Change Popup Blocker Settings
Click on Content tab. To enable/disable popup blocker, select/deselect the checkbox 'Block pop-up windows'.


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Step 3: Allow popup windows for certain sites
To allow popup windows for certain sites, click Exceptions button from Step 2. To add a site, enter the site address in the textbox and click Allow. To remove a site from the list (to disallow popup for a site), select the site and click Remove Site.
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