What’s in your platinum?

When buying platinum jewelry for your store, you are delivering the world’s most precious metal to your consumers. As a reminder, platinum is naturally white, ensuring it will not fade or change color over time; it is durable, meaning a customer will not lose metal as a result of normal wear and tear unlike other metals; and it holds diamonds and gemstones most securely, an important factor for your bridal customers!

It is important to ask your suppliers about the alloys they use in their platinum manufacturing. Nearly all precious metal jewelry is made using alloys, a mixture of the primary precious metal and one or more other precious or base metals. The right platinum alloy can significantly improve wear performance, ensuring optimal quality, gemstone security and wear performance. Click here to learn more about platinum alloys.

Ask your suppliers this question – “What’s in your platinum?” and let us know what they say.  We would appreciate it if you would complete the form below and ‘submit’ it for each supplier you work with.

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