Established in 1975, Platinum Guild International (PGI) is a marketing organization that develops demand for platinum in jewelry. We are your resource for all things platinum jewelry – from metal information and education to technical resources. Our mission is to inspire jewelers and customers alike to build an enduring commitment for platinum that withstands the test of time.

Through various programs, both direct to consumer and in collaboration with jewelry retailers and manufacturers, PGI creates consumer ounce demand by first identifying opportunities for platinum in jewelry, and then developing them with partners. PGI’s consumer marketing and educational programs are focused on developing awareness and an appreciation for platinum’s unique qualities as a precious metal for fine jewelry.

In addition, PGI works collaboratively with partners globally, running extensive marketing programs in the four main platinum jewelry markets of China, Japan, USA and India. These markets are staffed with experts in strategic planning, marketing, retail, design and business development.

PGI USA is solely funded by Anglo American, a leading global mining company that operates PGM (platinum group metals) mines in Zimbabwe and South Africa, where over 80% of the world’s platinum is sourced.