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Discover platinum website and social media content to help you better connect with your customers. Download these shareable assets today to boost your digital platforms and to ensure your customers know you offer premium, quality platinum jewelry.

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The downloadable assets below are the perfect complement to your website, blog and more! Simply download the files to add to your site(s), or use them as inspiration for future posts. PGI USA is here to help you ensure your digital platforms continuously have new content that is relevant and helpful to your consumers.

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  • Engagement Ring Buying Guide

    This guide is designed to give you clear, useful information about engagement ring styles and components so you know what you are looking for before setting foot in a jewelry store.

  • Metal Matters

    Help your customers understand why Platinum is the superior choice for their jewelry purchase and a key to higher sales for your jewelry business.

  • Jewelry Insurance 101

    The insurance options for large jewelry purchases vary. Help your customers understand how jewelry insurance, like that from Jewelers Mutual, compares to the coverage offered by typical homeowner’s/renter’s insurance or typical jewelry riders on homeowner’s policies.


    The PREFERS pnemonic is a great tool to help you and your customers remember 7 leading qualities and characteristics that make platinum the perfect choice for wedding and fashion jewelry. Everyone PREFERS platinum!

  • Platinum Education

    Help your customers learn more about why platinum is the world’s rarest and most precious metal.

  • Platinum History

    Learn more about how platinum was discovered in the late 1500s by prospectors and why it remains the preferred metal for high jewelry.

  • Platinum Craftsmanship

    Take a peak behind the curtain and learn how pure platinum is melted to craft durable and brilliant platinum jewelry.

  • Care for Platinum

    Show customers how to clean platinum at home in between checkups with a jeweler.

  • Platinum vs. White Gold

    Guide customers through the important decision of choosing platinum over white gold.

  • Why Platinum

    From its color to its strength, these traits make platinum the industry standard for bridal jewelry.

Social Content

The images below will help educate your audience on the unique qualities and benefits of platinum, increasing their interest and intent to purchase. Download any or all of these graphics to use on your brand’s channels and start a platinum conversation with your customers.

  • Naturally white
  • Significant
  • Platinum lasts
  • Significant
  • Rare
  • Secure
  • Metal matters
  • Crown
  • Unique
  • Rare
  • Pure
  • Pure
  • The 5 C's
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